VW Bus

SOLD -- 1971 VW Bus For Sale -- SOLD

I've had a couple of '71 buses as a daily drivers for the last 25 years and have really enjoyed driving them. But my priorities have changed and over the last year. I have given it serious thought and I have decided leave the VW Family. I have had some great times and lots of adventures. Over the years I've been on many trips, campouts, music festivals, and a founding member of the vw bus camp at Burningman. This specific bus made a 3 week cross country trip to the mid-west, a local AZ Burningman event, and numerous campouts. As a daily driver it never fails to attract interesting people. But enough about my experiences. Here are the details about the bus and what's included:


1971 Westfaila Camper, Non Poptop, missing the ice box but otherwise the camper portion is complete and in good shape.
Professionally rebuilt engine about 7 years ago with 30K miles.
Stock 1600 with:
    Counterbalanced Crank.
    Extend pushrod tubes (prevents oil pressure loss on long sweeping turns).
    Full flow oil filter and cooler with thermostatic cooler bypass and fan control.
    Sand Seal
Header with new muffler.
Cruise Control (needs some work on the linkage)
Has Type 4 engine lid installed allowing all upper engine components (alternator, fan housing, etc) to be serviced without removing the engine.
Wiring is in good shape.
Low mileage on 5 Hankook 8 ply tires (plus a 6th good tire as second spare).
Brand New Battery.
Body has dents and rust.
Registered through March 2014

Needs front end ball joint and brake work. Otherwise ready to become your daily driver.

Extra New Parts

Fuel pump and fiber mount and push rod. (currently has rotory electric pump with late model ignition triggered fuel pump relay, works fine)
Bunch of other misc new parts (I will list them as I run across them).

Extra Used Parts

Included is a spare complete 1971 front beam, low mileage on new ball joints and tie rods, ready to drop in. (calipers need rebuilding)
Extra 1971 transmission (works but pops out of 4th).
Gobs of other used parts


Nice Engine Stand
Flywheel Lock
Good Filter Wrench
Other misc tools