Ray Haynes


Functional Skill Areas

Electronics System Architecture – High Speed Digital – FPGA Logic – Mixed Signal – Power Supply PCB Layout


Summary of Qualifications

Began as an assembler over 30 years ago. Full product design responsibility within a few years of employment. Been completing successful designs ever since. The hundreds of varied projects many of them very complex requiring ground breaking approaches. Self-motivated and professional; Capable of working independently or as part of a team. Worked as independent contractor for several years. Excellent attention to detail.


System architectural designs; Mixed signal integrity; High speed digital designs; Assisting PCB layout for complex mixed signal designs; EMC friendly designs; FPGA logic designs using, Xilinx, Lattice and Altera (in both VHDL and Verilog); Very mechanically inclined.


Full Professional Experience

Senior Engineer - Ostendo Technologies, Inc - 2005-Present

Duties: Board and product design

Products: Curved Desktop Display (CRVD), Support and test boards for in-house development of custom emissive display ASICs.

Highlights: Designed the edge blending and temperature compensated polynomial based image warping for the CRVD. SDRAM frame buffers for both Lattice and Xilinx FPGAs. A tile-able business card sized 4Kx2.3K display module for 1.8 Gigapixel 3D display table including very high density PCBs and high power.


Senior Engineer - Vista Systems - 2001-2005

Duties: Board and product design

Products: Widescreen video processors

Highlights: Design of first dedicated widescreen video processor (Montage) from the ground up. Redesigned the Montage hardware for lower cost and smaller packaging for the Spyder product line. Incorporated 2Gbps data paths between boards.


Senior Engineer - Folsom Research Inc. - 1991-2001

Duties: Board and product design. Technical consultant for other engineers in the company. Oversaw the PCB layout for most boards.

Products: Video scan converters, radar scan converter, both OEM and branded

Highlights: One of 2 engineers on a highly accelerated 13 week redesign/repackaging of a box level scan converter to a board level design for an HP work station. Designed in the company’s first switching power supplies and broadband PLLs. Designed OEM scan converters for SUN, HP and Rebo. Continued the Radar Scan Converter evolution to a VME board set.


Contract Engineer - Endosonics - 1990-1991

Duties: Design graphics video board and high speed / high resolution A/D board.

Product: Arterial ultrasound scanner

Highlights: Designed 12 bit 100MSPS A/D front end board featuring 4 state of the art 25MSPS 12 bit A/D converters using auto calibration to maintain 12 bit accuracy at 100MSPS.


Test Tech -> Senior Engineer - Folsom Research Inc. - 1982-1990

 (founded by former Electra Physics owners)

Duties: Began as test tech testing low volume products. Eventually took on engineering duties to get products functional and evolved to senior design engineer designing boards and products. Oversaw all PCB layouts in the company.

Products: ultrasonic rail flaw scanners, numerous video scan converters, radar scan converters, missile inspection systems.

Highlights: In charge of the refurbishment of a Polaris missile motor inspection system. Assist on design and installation of a Peacekeeper missile inspection system. Troubleshooting a corn silo temperature system while on top a 300’ corn silo in Iowa.

Design of Radar Address Generator (Rho-Theta to X/Y conversion) and Data Processor Board. Design of A/D and D/A boards of company’s first color scan converter. Designed the company’s first video PLL design and first switching power supplies.


Manufacturing Engineering - General Electric - 1980-1982

Duties: Design and build test equipment to support production.

Product: B-Scan and Real Time ultrasonic scanners


Test Tech -> Junior Engineer - Watkins Johnson – 1980

Duties: Build, Test and involved in design of next generation ATE

Product: Automatic board test equipment


Production Test Tech - General Electric - 1979-1980

 (Electra Physics was purchased by General Electric)

Duties: Production board and system test.

Product: State of the art medical ultrasound imaging machine (M, B and A mode scanner).


Engineering Test Tech - Electra Physics – 1979

Duties: Engineering board and system test, prototype building.

Product: State of the art medical ultrasound imaging machine.

Highlights: Involved in testing of world’s first solid state scan converters using 16K DRAM chips (previous design used imaging tubes).


Assembler - Electra Physics - Summer of 1978

Duties: Assembly of analog and digital PCBs, board test and mechanical assembly.



Associate Degrees in Electronics and Electronic Communication from American River College, Sacramento, CA